JL Smith


ADDRESS: 1007 Ferris Avenue Waxahachie, TX 75165

OFFICE: 469-517-0012


JL Smith has over 30 years in sales and business development experience, and is a welcome addition to the Hi View Real Estate team. Working on a ranch and in the plumbing, electrical and HVAC trades during college, he learned invaluable experience in both the land and construction. JL has been a remodel contractor, a new home Builder’s PM and Rep, and a Director of Business Development for 3 Western and Equine Products companies. He brings with him a wealth of marketing and sales skills that you will be proud to have representing your property, to clients and to the industry at large. JL maintains the highest standards of business ethics and integrity. He is a fierce Client Advocate and will tell you “always look past the sale and at the Client”. JL built his first home and stable here in Waxahachie in 1996. After a year living in South America in 2008 he and his wife of 25 years returned to Waxahachie where they reside now.